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Platform administrator ("p-admin")

After the platform is set up to the customer's specifications and is linked to the desired internet domain by the s-admin, the platform is passed to the p-admin.

Please, note! At this time noone can provide content to the platform, not even the p-admin, because there are no permissions assigned. Users can only register and change their settings (userdata).


In this initial phase, the tasks of the platform administrator are to:


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If desired, factline can support you in the initial phase as P-Admin. Moreover at the beginning factline can take control over the functions of the P-Admin for you. Factline can also advise you how to structure your platform useful.

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 A future platform administrator has to register like all normal users. Afterwards, the s-admin of the new platform can define users as p-admins.


Once the initial phase is completed, users, that have the right permissions, can create content, assign permissions to that content, view content, connect with other users (using ping, chat,...), etc.


As concerns the maintenance of the platform, the p-admin has to:


Read more in the p-admin manual.

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