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We are a small team of enthusiasts (Michael, Tom, Georg and Max*) hatching a new platform that has the potential to sustainably improve life in rural areas and beyond. With the help of GIS/maps & augmented reality, we highlight what’s going on nearby and make space palpable. In addition, we encourage and enable people to become active themselves.

Two large regions — one in Austria with 23 municipalities and one in northern Germany — have already expressed their interest in becoming our first users. We have already 2 very rudimentary prototypes to illustrate the basic concepts, and are in talks with potential investors.


  1. You are technologically diverse, and you not only code well, but also like to code.
  2. You have already shipped products (commercial or free/open-source) independently
  3. Knowledgeable about and / or interested in GIS, Maps, AR, and mobile
  4. Great UX is very important to you ...
  5. You want to be a partner in a startup
  6. No legacy codebase: We are completely open as to which technologies you want to work with
  7. You are located close to Vienna, or alternatively you like to work together online, but are also willing to spend periods of time in Vienna with the team


  1. Extraordinarily uncomplicated, enthusiastic, highly networked team with a lot of experience (also with startups)
  2. Salary and/or shares in the company
  3. An exciting shared future

* As you can read from the names, a female person would match for diversity reasons very well, but is no must.

If you could imagine joining us, then I look forward to reading from you at max.harnoncourt@factline.com or hearing +43 699 15004404 :-)