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About factline Community Server (FCS)
the product - 274177.1

The factline Community Server (FCS) is a standardized and easy to use Pfeil extern - 273954.1 Content, Community & Collaboration Management System.

FCS platforms are composed of different modules, so-called 
Pfeil intern - 273956.1 services, and are adaptable at any time. The modular structure and a high degree of freedom, in terms of design, allow for an adaption to individual needs and for various areas of application.

Learn more Pfeil extern - 273954.1 http://www.factline.com/149089.0

features - 274178.1


The following features distinguish the FCS from conventional systems:

Pfeil intern - 273956.1 Include text modules
Pfeil intern - 273956.1 Comment function with version control

Pfeil intern - 273956.1 Optional static or dynamic linking
Pfeil intern - 273956.1 Platform spanning work
Pfeil intern - 273956.1 Linking of chat messages

Learn more Pfeil extern - 273954.1 http://www.factline.com/148925.0